Cost Savings Calculator.

Use our Cost Savings Calculator to get an idea of your tax and payroll savings under the Service Contract Act. Please note that this table does not take into account all factors affecting your final results. These calculations are for illustrative purposes only. Your final results may vary.

*Effective June 30th, 2015, the fringe rate for all new contracts falling under SCA wage determination will be $4.27/hour.

Total Number of Employees
on Contract
Hourly Wages:
Fringe Rate
Payroll Burden
$ $ %

Cost Savings Analysis for
Contractors under the
Service Contract Act
(No Benefits)
Fringe Rate paid
in cash.
(With Benefits)
Fringe Rate paid
into Benefit Plan.
Cash Wages: $ $
Fringe Paid to Benefit Plan: $ $

Payroll Burden

FICA (Social Security Taxes)
Workers Compensation Premiums
Public Liability Programs
Federal Unemployment Taxes
State Unemployment Taxes
$ $
Total Cost Per Hour: $ $
Hourly Savings Per Employee: $ $
Monthly Savings Per Employee: $ $
Annual Savings Per Employee: $ $
Annual Employer Savings:
$ $