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FCE’s Operational Continuity During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Challenge

FCE’s Operational Continuity During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Challenge

FCE has implemented a tested and validated operational contingency program that will assure continuity of excellent services to our valued clients and members in the event that our operational center is subjected to mandatory office closure during this challenging period brought on by the presence of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

While FCE’s operational center is currently open and conducting “business-as-usual” without interruption, we have been actively training and equipping our entire workforce to enable them to excellently perform all of FCE’s operational functions remotely. On a rotating basis, the remotely stationed operational staff has been tested on FCE’s contingency protocols, which includes the consistent daily ability to successfully access systems, data, and administrative workflow. We have successfully validated their ability to provide seamless administrative services. FCE has also been working closely with the Trustee, carrier partners, and vendors to assure consistent data flow and continuous administrative communications.

FCE’s Technology Division has created the technical ability to mobilize both our Customer Service Team and Customer Care administrative system. This has enabled the team to function remotely with uninterrupted provision of critical services to our members, should it become necessary. And, FCE’s legal team is reaching out to government offices and agencies to research, verify, and be able to communicate critical information to our clients and members, as new developments occur. This will allow all of us to evaluate and coordinate our best practices during these extraordinary circumstances.

FCE leadership is committed to our employees’, clients’, and members’ wellbeing during these complex and challenging times we are sharing. Please feel free to contact your Sales Representative and/or Account Executive if you have any questions or need additional information.

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