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FCE Ahead of the Curve with Training and Education

FCE Ahead of the Curve with Training and Education

FCE is committed to having our workforce prepared to meet current and future business challenges by providing our employees, at all levels, with appropriate educational and professional development opportunities. Back in 2016 we unveiled a new three-tier training program to empower our employees with the necessary tools for success:

The first tier of our program is New Employee On-Boarding. New employees are oriented in the philosophy, ethics, values, principles, and business priorities of FCE. This training provides new employees with a comprehensive operational overview of each of FCE’s departments. They also receive their initial training in HIPAA compliance, the Service Contract Act, the Davis-Bacon Act, and COBRA. This on-boarding program has two distinct tracks: one for regular employees and one for management-levels. Additionally, each of FCE’s departments has developed their own role-based on-boarding plans to bring new team members up to speed quickly.

Enrichment Training is the second tier of our program and is a regular monthly class for all FCE employees. Topics for this training are selected by the department directors with the intention to enrich the employee’s knowledge of FCE procedures, policies and operations. Recent topics covered include email etiquette, online web enrollment, inter-departmental procedures, spreadsheet skills, and phone system functionality. These classes and more are available to our departments on an as-needed or requested basis.

The final tier of our training program is Leadership Training. This training targets our team leaders, supervisors, managers, and directors. Topics for this monthly training are designed to equip our leadership with the tools and skills to properly train, coach, inspect, and reinforce the work of their employees. This past year our Leadership Training class topics included payroll system functionality, company vision and mission, conflict resolution, strategic goal management, hiring and termination procedures, and decision making.

FCE recognizes that the key to our success lies with our people. We remain committed to an effective employee training program to continuously improve and develop our staff in order to best serve our clients - now, and in the future!

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