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Companies of all sizes and resource levels compete in the government contracting market. As a result, every company has different needs when it comes to fringe benefits as part of wage determination. FCE offers a wide range of products and services that can be customized to fit virtually any situation.



Benefit Management

One of the advantages of working with FCE is that we can offload many administrative burdens, particularly in the day-to-day management of benefits. These tasks include tracking employees’ onboarding, demographic changes, and terminations as well as COBRA and FMLA statuses as they relate to premiums payments, legal notifications to employees, carrier census updates, and compliance reporting for ACA and Medicare. Our dedicated staff working with our proprietary electronic systems monitor eligible hours to drive multiple downstream processes which ensure benefits always adhere to our client’s plan documents.


Administrative Services

FCE handles the coordination of many inter-dependent needs that can be difficult for a broker or individual company to handle by themselves. Our Customer Care call center ensures that members can dial one number for comprehensive assistance from trained, knowledgeable staff. Our online web portals provide guidance, reports, and answers 24 hours a day. Our Claims Department can directly address issues with providers and prides themselves on responsiveness. The Financial Reporting department takes care of government filings, 5500’s, and more as required by your plan. The Premiums Department ensures the right carriers get paid for the right employees every month. FCE is proud to offer complete services that all connect under one roof.

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FCE Administrative Services
Hourly Driven Health and Welfare wages

Relevant and Impactful

Hourly Driven H&W Plans

One of the unique capabilities that FCE can offer is the attention of our dedicated Underwriting Department. Collectively leveraging decades of experience in the fringe benefits industry, they can often find creative solutions to the most difficult situations -- for example: seasonal or stop/go workflows, volatile swings in labor, lack of claims experience, unusual demographics, geographic limitations on providers/carriers, or union conditions. We take the time to understand each client’s unique situation to maximize the availability of bona-fide benefits while minimizing capital asset drawdowns.

Benefits of Using FCE

What FCE brings to the table may blow your mind
Hour Tracking

Tracking Fringe Hours

FCE is the industry leader in tracking fringe-eligible hours according to a variety of methods and purposes.



We provide a wide variety of Claims Administration Services, including: approving, processing an paying medical, prescription, dental, vision, short term disability, HRA, severance and death claims.

Plan Management & Administration

Plan Management & Administration

Your dedicated team includes specialists who are trained in the compliance requirements of COBRA, FMLA, HIPAA and Medicare Part D.

Personalized Service

Personalized Service

FCE will provide brokers/consultants and their clients with an Account Manager who will serve as the primary contact for all issues, routine and non-routine, that may arise during the course of administering the plan.



We maintain ongoing communications with brokers/consultants, employers, employees, benefit providers, government agencies and insurance carriers.

Site Administration

On-Site Admin Services

FCE professionals are available to accompany brokers/consultants on client site visits. We are available to provide additional support explaining benefits and enrolling initial participant groups.

Secure Online Administration

Secure Online Administration

With a personalized Employer Code, Username and Password, your client’s designated Human Resources management personnel will be able to manage most aspects of an employee’s benefits.

Web Enabled Enrollment

Web Enabled Enrollment

HIPAA compliant online enrollment services are now available for FCE’s clients. This state of the art programming is offered to capture individual employee plan elections at annual/open enrollment events or for year round maintenance.

Powerful Performance

Coordinates with Independent Trustees

Payments recievable, review and reconcile income and expenditures and prepare annual Form 5500 and Summary Annual Reports as required by the Department of Labor.


You have Questions? We have Answers!
How do I get a Fringe Benefits Plan quote?
Fill out this short form to submit a request for a quote over our secure server.
How do I get a Compliance Review?
FCE offers a complimentary compliance review. With some basic information, our team of experts will find the best solution for your company.
Why should I outsource fringe benefits administration?
  • Outsourcing fringe benefits administration allows the company to focus on its core mission.
  • Easy audit trail for compliance tracking and budget management.
  • Cost savings:
    If you’re currently paying the Fringe in Cash - link to our cost savings calculator.
  • Cost savings:
    If you’re currently administering your plan in house - your savings will result from outsourcing the administration and picking up the cost as part of the Fringe.
Can we continue to use our existing benefit programs while using FCE Benefits services?
Yes! FCE Benefits works with all carriers including but not limited to our current carrier list.
Why is it more competitive for the contractor to provide benefits in lieu of cash?
  • It provides a needed and important benefit for the employees.
  • The employer may treat the costs of the benefits as reasonable deduction from income and can then bid a lower billable rate, not having to include the gross-up.
What happens if I get audited?
When an FCE Benefits client is audited by the DOL, the client contacts FCE and FCE will coordinate the response with the Client on all SCA related matters for which FCE is providing administration. There are certain areas of review, such as overtime obligation and exemption status decisions that are solely within the client’s domain. The primary point of contact is the Account Executive. The Account Executive will take the lead in our organization and gather all the necessary information from our various departments.
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