Technology Division


Infrastructure and Cloud Systems

Data Management Processes

Cyber Security


Building The Future

Developing smart, secure, and robust solutions for sensitive data processing.

Assisting Our Clients

FCE helps clients through our Technology divisions administration.

Our Technology Division

Our competencies are divided into 3 separately managed departments:

IT Operations Department

We have built and maintain robust local, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures which comply with the latest standards in data security - offering economical, redundant, and secure service for all users.
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Business Systems Management

We utilize tried and true methodologies for data storage, translation, processing, and communications. Our systems analysts can support any reporting requirements our clients request.
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Applications Development

We develop our own software in-house to support our flexible and customized approach to each client's needs. We can customize web portals and online experience quickly and efficiently.
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IT Operations Department

  • Hybrid and Cloud Infrastructure (Deployment, engineering and Administration)
  • Systems Engineering and Administration
  • Network Engineering, Deployment and Administration
  • Information Security, Intrusion Prevention, Threat Management, endpoint protection
  • Service Delivery, Help Desk and Desktop Support
  • Communication Management (VoIP, SIP, PBX, Video Conferencing)

Business Systems Management

  • Data base development and management
  • Ad hoc reporting development for clients and vendor services
  • Large data management
  • Third party reporting protocol development and management
  • Web portal design and administration
  • Online Enrollment Services
  • Data Integration from multiple business Applications
  • Data Analysis and Delivery of business Insights
  • Automated data exchange processes

Applications Development

  • Develop Spartan, the next generation, smart enterprise platform for managing fringe benefits in a robust, automated, and intelligent fashion
  • Deliver Cloud and DevOps solutions for managing application infrastructures
  • Reduce human errors by building systems that learn & automating
  • Plan, Document, & Maintain application certification with SOC1 / SOC2 compliance
  • Produce client and internal mobile applications that dazzle
  • Develop Custom software solutions for our Clients, from Office automation to enterprise applications and integration
  • Utilizing Microservice technologies, build teams and systems that can rapidly respond to our client’s changing demands and priorities.
  • Constantly research and test new technologies in our FCE Lab to foster innovation and deliver clients with best practice, efficient and lasting solutions

Our Technology Division

Areas of Focus


Eliminate repetitive and redundant processing tasks by developing code that runs on-demand or as part of a schedule.


Enhance reporting with web-based tools and optimized data structures to get accurate information - consistently.


Properly developing sub-systems and modules to communicate in standard ways increases the ability to accept change.


Awareness of security frameworks and the alignment of internal systems and processes is key to a secure network.


A properly designed infrastructure, combined with optimized data storage and reporting, supports real-time processing.


The more automation that can be introduced in any system, the lower the possibility of human error or mistakes. © : All Rights Reserved